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Activity 12.3 – Option a: Evaluating Web 2.0 Tools

 Criteria 1: Access
I think it is extremely important to make sure that the Web 2.0 tool is very easily accessible for everyone in my classroom. I want my students to be able to do their required work freely without to worry about if they will have proper access either at home or school. It is important that the program I choose is accessible by both Windows and Mac users, and that it will still be around for quite a while. This way I won’t have to choose something else half way through the school year.

Criteria 2: Usability
I would say that this is probably one of the most important criteria to consider, since without actually being able to use the Web 2.0 tool it is really pointless. Before using this tool, I would ensure that it is fairly easy to use, this way the students can actually concentrate on the assignment at hand versus how to actually use the Web 2.0 tool.

Criteria 3: Privacy & Intellectual Property
This is also a very important factor, since the teacher and of course all the students need to be protected as much as possible. This will allow me to ensure that my students’ personal data is secure and people cannot just take advantage of them. Overall, it is important to use this criteria and ask the important question to warrant complete protection for me and my students.

 Criteria 4: Workload & Time Management
I think it is of up most importance to introduce my students to a Web 2.0 tool where they will not be completely overwhelmed by the workload that the tool offers. I want to make sure it is a tool which guarantees better production and ease of time management. I think it is also essential that he tool should make it easy for me to track my student’s work, which will make grading easier. This criteria will help me establish these things.

 Criteria 5: Fun Factor
Last but certainly not least, I want my students to be excited about their school work/homework and the way they will do their work. I want to ensure that the tool I choose allows my students to be as creative as possible and still full-fill the ultimate goal. I want my students to be able use different types of interaction and also be able to work together and share their work with ease.

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Week 11

Activity 11.3 – Option a: mLearning Reflection

I think “Step 13: Culminating Activity” would be a great place to incorporate mLearning into this lesson plan. I would have students use their tablets or the school’s tablets to download a free scrap-booking app and create a few pages online and then share them to one location and together make a massive scrapbook. Another option would be to make the pages online and then use the school’s color printer and make a massive scrapbook that is not online.

This would greatly improve the lesson, as it would give every student a fair chance to succeed at the project. By having an app to organize pictures, events, or maps for you it would also be a motivator for those who are not so keen on being creative.  By using the app to create their own pages for the scrapbook they would also have to collaborate and encourage each other to be innovative. For many this would not even feel like school, therefore, they would be learning without even knowing it.

Before doing this activity in the classroom I would take the following things into consideration:
1. Do all my students have tablets, and if not I would make sure that the day we do this activity in class, I would have enough tablets signed out for everyone to have their own. I would also make sure that everyone is familiar with how to use the tablets and if some are not so familiar I would ask for student volunteers to assist them if they have any question. But first I would make sure everyone knows the basic steps in how to use them.

2. I would make sure that the app that I have them download is extremely user friendly. Once I found a scrap-booking app that I really like, I would make sure that I read all the fine print and understand the terms of use.  I would make sure that my student’s privacy is protected at all times.

3.  I would also check with my school’s Acceptable Use Policy and make sure that the scrap-booking app that I have chosen to assist my students is acceptable. Therefore, I could not get in trouble with the school authority.

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Week 9

Activity 9.3 – Using Learning Management Systems (LMS)

The communication tool I would use is text messages. As a teacher it would give me the ability to stay in touch and provide all the information I need to my students. Through this I could give announcements, class update, test time changes and such.  As a student, it would be something I was already very familiar with and since I have my phone on me all the time, this a great way to communicate and stay up to date.

The assessment tool I would use is the self-quiz feature. As a teacher it would give me the opportunity to quiz my students in such a way that I could determine if they are ready for the actual quiz or exam. This would enhance my teaching abilities and allow me to focus more on things that my students do not understand. As a student, this would be very helpful in preparing me for the actually exam. It would give me and idea what the exam is like and how to prepare for it.

For my course organization tool I would use course calendar. As a teacher, I think it would be extremely helpful to be able to look at the calendar and be able to see what all needs to be accomplished. I could then organize my schedule in such a way to accommodate my students learning. As a student it is so nice to have a schedule which lays out what needs to be done each month. That way I would know what to focus my efforts on.  

As a content tool, I would use the ability to embed video. As a teacher this would be a great way to keep my students interested in what they are learning. Instead of just my text and my words, it could be a video; this would help me to be clearer in bringing my point across to the class. These videos would be an excellent learning tool for students. It would provide a visual and the students could repay it as often as they need to until they get it.